23.4. Procedure – Changing log verbosity level of PSM


The logging level of PSM can be set separately for every protocol. To change the verbosity level of PSM, complete the following steps:


The Basic Settings > Management > Debug logging > Enable debug logs option is not related to the verbosity of traffic logs: it increases the log level of the non-network-related events, for example adds the commands executed by the PSM web interface to the logs, and so on

Figure 23.4. <Protocol name> Control > Global Options — Changing the verbosity level

<Protocol name> Control > Global Options — Changing the verbosity level


  1. Navigate to the Global Options page of the traffic you want to change the log level of, for example, to SSH Control > Global Options to change the log level of SSH traffic, RDP Control > Global Options for remote desktop traffic, and so on.

  2. Select the desired log level from the Verbosity level field.


    The verbosity level ranges from 1 (no logging) to 10 (extremely detailed), with level 4 being the default normal level. To debug complex problems, you might have to increase the verbosity level to 6. Higher level is needed only in extreme cases.


    High verbosity levels generate very large amount of log messages and might result in a very high load on the machine.

    Around log levels 9-10, the logs can contain highly sensitive data, for example, passwords in plain text format.