22.2.2. Procedure – Organizing connections based on alias IP addresses


To allow the administrators to access protected servers by connecting to an alias IP address of PSM. The alias IP address determines which server they will access. Organizing connections based on alias IP addresses is advantageous if PSM is connected to a private network and many private IP addresses are available.


Do not use the listening addresses configured for web login. For more details, see Procedure 4.3.1, Configuring user and administrator login addresses.


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > Network.

  2. Set up a logical interface: click and configure a new logical interface. Add alias IP addresses for every protected server. (Use a different IP address for each.)

    For more information on configuring logical interfaces and alias IP addresses, see Procedure 4.3.2, Managing logical interfaces.

  3. Navigate to SSH Control > Connections.

  4. Add a new connection. Enter the IP address of the administrators into the From fields, and the IP address and port number of the target server into the Target field.

  5. Enter an alias IP address of the configured logical interface of PSM into the To field.

  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for every protected server, but every time use a different alias IP address in Step 5.

  7. Click .