E.3. Using AP

The main window allows you to sort and organize the audit trails and sessions.

Figure E.6. The main window of Audit Player

The main window of Audit Player

The audit trails loaded into AP are all visible in the Project Trails tab. Audit trails are organized into a tree. The tree has the following levels:

  • Protocol: The type of the audited protocol: HTTP, SSH, RDP, X11, VNC, SCP, SFTP or Telnet.

  • Connection: Name of the connection policy that generated the audit trail.

  • Session: Details of the connection stored in the audit trail, including the date, duration, source, and target of the connection. (Every audit trail contains only a single session.)


    To sort the list of streams, click the header of the columns.

  • Stream: The traffic that can be replayed. A session may contain several streams (for example an SSH connection may include a terminal-session stream and an X-forward stream).


Select View > Show Details to display additional information about the selected stream in a separate Stream Details window. These details include the parameters available in the PSM Search page (for details, see Section 16.1, Searching audit trails — the PSM connection database) and other parameters like the size of the desktop or the terminal.

Figure E.7. The AP Stream Details window

The AP Stream Details window