E.1.1. Procedure – Installing the Audit Player application


To install the Audit Player application, complete the following steps.


Installing Audit Player requires administrator privileges. The installed Audit Player can be run by restricted users as well if the required privileges are set.


The installation folder is the following:

  • on 32bit Windows systems: C:\Program Files\Audit Player

  • on 64bit Windows systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\Audit Player

Temporary files are stored in the system's temporary directory.

  • The directory name, for example TMP, TEMP, TMPDIR, (depends on the Windows version)

The path to the AP home folder is: C:\Users\<username>\ap\. For example, the following are stored here:

  • the preferences file (prefs.cfg)

  • the projects (<homefolder>\project\<projectname>.ap)


  1. Download the Audit Player application from the Balabit Downloads page.

  2. Start the downloaded file.

  3. Read the end-user agreement of AP and click I Agree.

  4. Some fonts installed by AP have a separate copyright license. Click I Agree to accept it.

  5. Select the installation folder for AP and click Install.

  6. The installer can automatically install and register several fonts to improve the processing of X11 audit trails. If you use AP to replay X11 audit trails, you are recommended to install these fonts.


    X11 fonts are installed only by Audit Player version 2011.2 and later. Note that installing these fonts automatically opens the Windows\Fonts folder in the Windows Explorer. This is normal and needed to avoid having to reboot the host. You can simply close this window.

  7. Click Save settings.