E.2.3. Procedure – Replaying SCP and SFTP sessions


To replay SCP and SFTP sessions, complete the following steps:


  1. Select File > Add Audit Trail and select an audit trail file. AP opens the file and displays the sessions stored in the file in the Project Trails panel.


    SCP and SFTP sessions cannot be searched with Find.

    To filter for filenames, in the PSM Web interface navigate to Search > Search, click Customize columns... and add File operations to the visible columns. You can then filter for filenames in the filter field of the File operations column.

  2. Double-click on the session you want to replay. The session will be displayed in a new window.

    The session enlists all file transfer and file management actions (for example file deletion, file uploading, changing attributes and so on) on the remote host.

    Figure E.3. SFTP session

    SFTP session
  3. You can download the uploaded files from the session. These files are marked in the Action column with a bold upload or download label. To download a file, select it and click Save.