4.6.5. Traffic related traps

PSM can send the following traffic related alerts in e-mail or as SNMP trap. To configure these alerts, see Procedure 4.5.2, Configuring e-mail alerts and Procedure 4.5.3, Configuring SNMP alerts.

NameSNMP alert IDDescription
Channel opening denied scbChannelDenied A user attempted to open a channel not permitted by the channel policy.
Connection denied scbConnectionDenied A user attempted to connect a server not permitted in the connection policies.
User successfully authenticated scbAuthSuccess A user successfully authenticated on a protected server.
User authentication failed scbAuthFailure A user failed to complete the authentication on a protected server.
SSH host key mismatch scbSshHostKeyMismatch The SSH host key of a server did not match the key stored on PSM.
New SSH host key learned scbHostKeyLearned PSM learned a new SSH host key.
Connection timed out scbConnectionTimedout A connection to a protected server timed out.
Protocol violation scbProtocolViolation A connection violated the protocol as specified in the RFC or protocol documentation. This may have been caused by an incompatible application or a deliberate attack.
Connection to the server failed scbConnectionFailed A connection to a protected server failed.
User successfully authenticated on the gateway scbGWAuthSuccess A user has successfully authenticated a connection on PSM as part of a gateway-authentication process.
User authentication failed on the gateway scbGWAuthFailure The gateway-authentication of a connection has failed.
User mapping failed on the gateway scbUserMappingFailure A usermapping policy did not find a suitable mapping for the connection.
Decryption of a credential store failed scbCredStoreDecrpytError PSM could not unlock a password-protected Credential Store. Navigate to Unlock Credential Store and enter the password(s) to open the Credential Store.
The requested credential store is closed scbCredStoreClosed A user attempted to access a connection policy that uses a password-protected Credential Store, and the Credential Store has not been unlocked. Navigate to Unlock Credential Store and enter the password(s) to open the Credential Store.
Failed to unlock credential store scbCredStoreUnlockFailure A user attempted to unlock a password-protected Credential Store with an incorrect password. Navigate to Unlock Credential Store and enter the correct password(s) to open the Credential Store.
Real time audit event detected scbRealTimeAlert A real-time audit event has occurred.
AMQP error occurred scbAMQPError An error occurred in the event queue where PSM forwards session data. Contact our support team (see Section 2, Contact and support information for contact information).

Table 4.2. Traffic related traps