20.1. Requirements for using the RPC API

To access PSM using the RPC API, the following requirements must be met:

  • Accessing the appliance via the RPC API must be enabled on the web interface. For details, see Procedure 20.5, Enabling RPC API access to PSM.

  • The appliance can be accessed using the SOAP protocol over authenticated HTTPS connections. The WSDL describing the available services is available at https://<ip-address-of-PSM>/rpc.php/<techversion>?wsdl. For details on the client libraries tested with PSM see Section 20.2, RPC client requirements.

  • The user account used to access PSM via RPC must have read and write/perform rights for the Access RPC API privilege. This is required for every type of RPC access, even for read-only operations. Members of the api group automatically have this privilege. For details on managing user privileges, see Procedure 5.7.2, Modifying group privileges.


Each PSM release provides a separate API with a new API version number. You are recommended to use the PSM version 5 F6 with the corresponding API version. Earlier versions are not supported