18.7.2. File structure of a plugin

Plugins are zip files that must contain a MANIFEST file and an executable Python file named main.py in its root directory. The MANIFEST file is a YAML file, and should conform to version 1.2 of the YAML specification, which should contain the following information about the plugin:

  • name: The name of the plugin.

  • type: The type of the plugin. For a custom Credential Store plugin, it must be credentialstore

  • version: The version number of the plugin. For details on the versioning of plugins, see Section 18.7.3, Plugin versioning.

  • api: The version number of the PSM API.

  • description: The description of the plugin. This description will be displayed on the PSM web interface.

The plugin zip file may also optionally contain a default.cfg file that serves to provide an example configuration that you can use as a basis for customization if you wish to adapt the plugin to your site's needs.