3.1.4. Procedure – Accessing the Welcome Wizard from a non-standard interface


To complete the Welcome Wizard on an interface other than Physical interface 1, complete the following steps.


Use this procedure only before the initial configuration of PSM, that is, before completing the Welcome Wizard. For details on changing the IP address or other network settings of a configured PSM system, see Section 4.3, Network settings.

If you change the network configuration of PSM to complete the Welcome Wizard on a non-standard interface, DO NOT use the IP address you use to access the Welcome Wizard as the Physical interface 1 — IP address in Step Step 4. Otherwise, you will not be able to access PSM after the Welcome Wizard is completed.


  1. Access PSM from the local console, and log in with username root and password default.

  2. In the Console Menu, select Shells > Core shell.

  3. Change the IP address of PSM:

    ifconfig eth0 <IP-address> netmask

    Replace <IP-address> with an IPv4 address suitable for your environment.

  4. Set the default gateway using the following command:

    route add default gw <IP-of-default-gateway>

    Replace <IP-of-default-gateway> with the IP address of the default gateway.

  5. Type exit, then select Logout from the Console Menu.

  6. Open the page https://<IP-address-you-set-for-PSM> from your browser and accept the certificate shown. The Welcome Wizard of PSM appears.