3.1.1. Procedure – Creating an alias IP address (Microsoft Windows)


This procedure describes how to assign an alias IP address to a network interface on Microsoft Windows platforms.


  1. Navigate to Start menu > Settings > Network Connections.

    Figure 3.1. 

  2. Double click on the Local Area Connection and then click Properties.

    Figure 3.2. 

  3. Select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) component in the list and click Properties.

    Figure 3.3. 

  4. To display the Advanced TCP/IP Settings window, click Advanced.

    Figure 3.4. 

  5. Select the IP Settings tab and in the IP Addresses section, click Add.

    Figure 3.5. 

  6. Into the IP Address field, enter Into the Netmask field, enter


    If your internal network uses the IP range, the and addresses might already be in use. In this case, disconnect PSM from the network, and connect directly a computer to interface 1 (labelled 1 or EXT) using a standard cross-link cable.

  7. To complete the procedure, click Add .