3.1.5. Version 4 F3 - 4 F4

Changes in product: 

  • The Audit Player indexer service has been deprecated and is not supported in PSM 4 F4. Before upgrading, you must configure PSM to use the Indexer service running on PSM, and install and configure external indexers. For details, see Procedure 15.1, Configuring the internal indexer and Section 15.2, Configuring external indexers.

    If you need help to estimate the required number and resources of the external indexers, contact the Balabit Support Team.


    Enabling the indexer without any previous estimations is dangerous and might result in overloading the box.

    The indexer does not support USB Hardware security modules (HSMs). If your audit trails are encrypted and the related private keys are stored on a HSM, DO NOT UPGRADE to PSM 4 F4.

  • The PSM T-10 appliance is equipped with a dual-port SFP+ interface card labeled A and B. You can use the 10Gbit interface both for proxy traffic and for local services. For details, see Section 2.15, Network interfaces.

  • DSA host keys have been deprecated because of security reasons. You cannot generate DSA keys on PSM anymore. The related sections of the documentation have been updated.

Changes in documentation: