2.20.1. Licensing benefits

Buying a Balabit’s Privileged Session Management (SCB) license permits you to perform the following:

  • Deploy one instance of the SCB appliance to monitor access to Protected Hosts.

  • Download the Audit Player (AP) and the Safeguard Desktop Player applications to replay audit trails.

  • Download the external indexer application to index audit trails.

You can use the Audit Player, Safeguard Desktop Player, and external indexer applications on any number of hosts within your organization, up to the aggregated limit set forth in the applicable Certificate of Authenticity. That is, you can divide the available number of instances between the Audit Player, Safeguard Desktop Player, and external indexer applications. You cannot redistribute these applications to third parties.

License grants and legal restrictions are fully described in the General End User License Agreement (EULA). Note that the EULA and the Balabit’s Privileged Session Management Product Usage Terms apply only to scenarios where the Licensee (the organization who has purchased the product) is the end user of the product. In any other scenario — for example, if you want to offer services provided by Balabit’s Privileged Session Management to your customers in an OEM or a Managed Service Provider (MSP) scenario — you have to negotiate the exact terms and conditions with Balabit.