E.3.3.3. Procedure – Converting certificates using Firefox


To convert a certificate and its private key into PKCS12 format (for example, from .pfx) using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, complete the following steps.


  1. Start Firefox and select Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Certificates > View Certificates > Your Certificates > Import, and import the .pfx. If needed, enter the password of the private key as well.

  2. Select the newly imported certificate, and click Backup.

  3. Select the PKCS12 format and enter a name for the file (for example, mycertificate).

  4. If the original .pfx certificate was imported into a certificate store, remove it and import the new certificate file (that is, <mycertificate>.p12). Importing certificates is described in Procedure E.3.3.1, Certificates and Audit Player.