6.6.1. Using the console menu of PSM

Connecting to the Balabit’s Privileged Session Management locally or remotely using Secure Shell (SSH) allows you to access the console menu of PSM. The console menu provides access to the most basic configuration and management settings of PSM. It is mainly used for troubleshooting purposes, the primary interface of PSM is the web interface.

The console menu is accessible to the root user using the password set during completing the Welcome Wizard.

Figure 6.17. The console menu

The console menu

The console menu provides allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Access the local core and boot shells. This is usually not recommended and only required in certain troubleshooting situations. Select the boot/core shell's keyboard layout for the local console. This will not affect the keyboard layout if you have accessed the shell via SSH.

    The boot firmware boots up PSM, provides high availability support, and starts the core firmware. The core firmware, in turn, handles everything else: provides the web interface, manages the connections, and so on.

  • Select the active firmware, and delete unneeded firmwares. Accessing the firmware management is useful if after an update the new firmware does not operate properly and the web interface is not available to activate the previous firmware.

  • Start backup processes.

  • Change the passwords of the root and admin users.

  • Access the network-troubleshooting functions and display the available log files. If the web interface is inaccessible, it can be the result of an internal locking error. To resolve this issue, delete the lock files. After deletion, they are archived, and included in the debug bundle if they are not older than 30 days. To create a debug bundle, if the web interface is inaccessible, select Create debug bundle.


    If deleting the lock files did not resolve the issue, contact the Balabit Support Team.

  • Reboot and shutdown the system.

  • Enable and disable sealed mode. For details, see Section 6.7, Sealed mode.

  • Set the IP address of the HA interface.


Note that logging in to the console menu automatically locks the PSM interface, meaning that users cannot access the web interface while the console menu is used. The console menu can be accessed only if there are no users accessing the web interface. The connection of web-interface users can be terminated to force access to the console menu.