4.2.1. Elements of the main workspace

The main workspace displays the configuration settings related to the selected main menu item grouped into one or more submenus. Related parameters of a submenu are organized into labeled groups or sections, marked with blue outline .

Figure 4.4. Main workspace

Main workspace
  • Each page includes one or more orange action buttons. The most common action button is , which saves and activates the changes of the page.

  • /Show/Hide details: Displays or hides additional configuration settings and options.

  • Create entry: Create a new row or entry (for example an IP address or a policy).

  • Delete entry: Delete a row or an entry (for example an IP address or a policy).

  • Modify entries or upload files: Edit an entry (for example a host key, a list, and so on), or upload a file (for example a private key). These actions open a pop-up window where the actual modification can be performed.

  • , Position an item in a list: Modify the order of items in a list. The order of items in a list (for example the order of connections, permitted channels in a channel policy, and so on) is important because when PSM is looking for a policy, it evaluates the list from top to down, and selects the first item completely matching the search criteria. For example, when a client initiates a connection to a protected server, PSM selects the first connection policy matching the client's IP address, the server's IP address, and the target port (the From, To, and Port fields of the connection).

Message window: This pop-up window displays the responses of PSM to the user's actions, for example Configuration saved successfully. Error messages are also displayed here. All messages are included in the system log. For detailed system logs (including message history), see the Troubleshooting tab of the Basic Settings. To make the window appear only for failed actions, navigate to User menu > Preferences and enable the Autoclose successful commit messages option.

Figure 4.5. Message window

Message window