Perpetual license

Buying a license for a Balabit product allows you to use the product as described in the General End User License Agreement (EULA).

You can download and use the latest Long Term Supported (LTS) Release of the product, and any subsequent Feature Release that is based on the Long Term Supported Release that was valid when you bought the license. To access the next Long Term Supported (LTS) Release, you must have a valid support package when the next Long Term Supported (LTS) Release is published.

Example 2.1. Accessing updates example

A customer's Support Service Agreement for Balabit’s Privileged Session Management, Shell Control Box (PSM) has expired and the customer did not renew it. At the time of expiration, the latest available versions were PSM 4 LTS and PSM 4 F3. In this case, the customer can access the current and future revisions of these versions, but they will not have access to future releases such as 4 F4 or 5 LTS when they are released.

Buying a subscription-based license automatically includes product support and access to the latest software versions.

You can download your licenses and the purchased software from MyBalabit.