E.4.1. Procedure – Logging with the Audit Player


By default, the Audit Player application sends error messages to the Application eventlog container. To create more detailed logs that are sometimes needed to troubleshoot a problem, command-line parameters must be specified. To create debug logs of AP running in user mode, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Start > Run > cmd to open a command prompt.

  2. Navigate to the folder where the Audit Player application is installed, for example cd "C:\Program Files\Audit Player\bin\".

  3. Enter the following command: audit-player.exe --verbose 3 --log-file "audit-player.log". The Audit Player application will start and create the specified log file.

  4. Reproduce the error in AP and check the created log file.

  5. If needed, repeat Step 3 with a higher log level (for example with the --verbose 7 parameter).