Do you want to participate an interesting IT security event or training this month? Choose from our recommendations below!


LISA16 | USENIX bb_participate_tiled


Where: Boston, MA, USA
When: 4-9 December

LISA is the annual vendor-neutral meeting place for the wider system administration community. The LISA16 program addresses the overlap and differences between traditional and modern IT operations and engineering, and offers a highly curated program around three topics: architecture, culture, and engineering.


Three steps towards a modern approach to preventing data breaches

Where: online
When: 6 December

In this KuppingerCole webinar, you will learn about the three steps for moving to a modern approach to breach avoidance, mitigation and response: how to define your risk appetite, calculating the ROI on security solutions, and planning for the breach. The webinar will focus on issues and solutions to consider when looking at how to mitigate a breach, as well as, how to detect identify unusual user activities and provide deep visibility into potential threats.


Payment Security & Identification Summit (PAY-SEC)

Where: London, UK
When: 6-7 December

As its name suggest, The Payment Security & Identification Summit brings together payment and financial professionals to share information, discuss current and future trends, and examine the latest tools, products, and services in order to address security and cyber-crime threats on the payment market. The Summit is a perfect combination of presentations, networking time, and meetings: the Summit features 12 special boardroom sessions, panel debates, and an exhibition as well.


Infosecurity Magazine Conference – Supporting Business Transformation with Agile Cybersecurity

Where: Boston, MA, USA
When: 6-7 December

The well-known Infosecurity Magazine’s conference is a 2-day-long security event that welcomes vendors, analysts, service providers, and security end-users from around the world. The event is a perfect occasion for the whole security community to learn more about IoT, learn from security experts at in-depth workshops, and learn real-life lessons during practical case studies.


Internet of People Event

Where: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
When: 15 December

Take IoT (Internet of Things), add the ‘WOW’ factor and then you’ll have IoP, Internet of People! We are shaping the future of the human internet, and we’ll see an entirely new internet in the upcoming years. This conference will focus on and discuss the connection between the human- and machine-centric internet, cognitive computing, the social impact of connected devices, and many more interesting and informative topics.


Identifying anomalies based on your users’ changing behavior – webinar

Where: online
When: 22 December

Internal threats posed by privileged users are often impossible to see because their behavior looks deceptively “normal.” Join our webinar and see how our User Behavior Solution, Blindspotter provides context to behaviors, measured by multiple algorithms, to provide real time intelligence to security teams. You’ll learn how Blindspotter analyzes multiple data streams to identify risky behavior without introducing disruption, and intercedes when necessary.



Stay tuned and we’ll see you next year with interesting event recommendations for the New Year.