Press releases

2014. Mar. 18, Tue
BalaBit eCSI Report underlines that it is time to allocate IT security budgeting according to real, human threats. The survey was conducted among nearly 300 attendees at the recent RSA® Conference, San Francisco. The survey results show that 84 percent of IT security related losses can be attributed to human elements (such as human error, sophisticated internal or external attackers) with the remaining 16 percent related to infrastructure issues (system malfunction, automated attack). The survey noted that, when it comes to budgeting, the ratio is quite balanced: only 55 percent of budgets are spent for managing human risk and 45 percent for infrastructure risk.
2014. Feb. 25, Tue
At RSA Conference 2014 BalaBit IT Security released their recent survey results about the use of privileged identity management (PIM) and privileged activity monitoring (PAM) technology. More than 400 IT professionals ranked the TOP 10 reasons for monitoring privileged users.
2014. Feb. 24, Mon

BalaBit Makes Industry Showcase Debut at RSA Conference 2014

NEW YORK, NY and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Feb 24, 2014 – BalaBit IT Security ( today announced the company is continuing its North American expansion at the RSA Conference 2014, Feb. 24-28 in San Francisco. BalaBit will exhibit in Booth #709 as part of the OATH (Initiative for Open Authentication) Pavillion.

2013. Nov. 14, Thu
BalaBit IT Security – also known as the “logging company” – announced a new version of its syslog-ng log message collection and management application. Using syslog-ng Premium Edition, organizations can centralize and simplify their log management infrastructure to improve operations, gain visibility of security threats, and meet compliance requirements. The syslog-ng 5 LTS brings advanced functionality previously only available for Linux/UNIX servers to Windows environments.
2013. Oct. 03, Thu
BalaBit IT Security, a global leader in the development of privileged activity monitoring, trusted logging and proxy-based gateway technologies announced a new version of its Shell Control BoxTM (SCB) activity monitoring appliance. The latest version of Shell Control Box makes forensics investigations easier, faster and more cost effective by extending the list of auditable protocols – SSH, RDP, Citrix ICA, VNC, Telnet – with HTTP/HTTPS. HTTP, originally created for content transport, has been becoming increasingly popular as a GUI protocol for various tools such as management network devices, business applications and SaaS/virtual infrastructures. Today, BalaBit has made a pioneering step to audit all web application access.
2013. Mar. 23, Sat

BalaBit has received two awards from eight categories in the annual Innovation Grand Prize competition in Hungary, for “developing the next generation of activity monitoring tools”. The jury of the Hungarian Association for Innovation, consisting of professional and scientific experts, recognizes not only the novelty of the technology innovation, but also the business result reached in the previous year.

2013. Feb. 12, Tue

The new real-time alerting and blocking feature of Shell Control BoxTM 3 F4 activity monitoring appliance prevents malicious user activities, either external or internal, even those initiated by users with the highest privileges

2012. Oct. 03, Wed

BalaBit appoints Zoltán Györkő co-founder as new CEO, and optimized its existing executive team by creating several new management positions

New York – October 3 , 2012 – BalaBit IT Security – also known as “the logging company”– a global leader in the development of privileged activity monitoring, trusted log management and proxy-based gateway technologies is ready to further boost its growth after appointing a new CEO and reorganizing its executive team. The dynamically growing security software developer company quadrupled its sales revenue in the last four years and has local representatives in five countries, has partners in 30 countries and serves customers globally. The new organizational structure enables the company to continue to expand as part of its long-term strategy.

2012. Jun. 25, Mon

Shell Control Box™ 3 F3 activity monitoring tool is the first client- and server-independent solution which transparently audits Citrix XenDesktop®
New York – June 25, 2012 – Before going on holiday, CIOs – just like every C-level manager – think about ongoing tasks and who will deputize during their absence. But how can they be sure about what is really happening in the IT system they are responsible for, during their holiday? Since compliance regulations must be met, this is not the question of trusting colleagues, but ensuring the company’s continuous business operation. By using an activity monitoring tool like Shell Control Box, developed by BalaBit IT Security, CIOs have the possibility to answer the question of who did what across the entire network at anytime. CIOs can even watch all activities as a movie or search for incidents after their holiday and use the audit trails as tamper-proof evidence in forensics investigations.

2012. May. 15, Tue

The turn-key appliance for log management helps meet compliance requirements while lowers the operational risks and costs

New York – May 15, 2012 – BalaBit IT Security – also known as the “syslog-ng company” – today announced the general availability of syslog-ng Store Box™ 3.0, the latest long term supported version of its trusted log server appliance. This latest version includes new features such as real time message rate alerts and improved search and log message rewriting capabilities. The syslog-ng Store Box™ (SSB) is a high-reliability log management appliance to collect, classify, organize, and securely store log messages for enterprises having log infrastructure for compliance and maintenance reasons. As an “out-of-the-box” log server SSB consolidates enterprise-wide logging needs helping organizations to lower operational risks and costs.