Reliable log management


Main features:

  • High performance
  • Trusted transfer
  • Increased reliability
  • Big user community
  • Message filtering and sorting
  • Event tagging and correlation
  • Support for the latest IETF standards
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Platform support

The syslog-ng Open Source Edition application is highly portable and is known to run on a wide range of hardware architectures (x86, x86_64, SUN Sparc, PowerPC 32 and 64, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, etc.) and operating systems, including Linux, BSD, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX and others.

BalaBit provides syslog-ng sources at the syslog-ng OSE Download page.

3rd party

Binary packages for syslog-ng are available in the repositories of most major Linux distributions. Third-party packages also for other platforms are available at Downloads - 3rd party.


Most Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) and log analyzing solutions are compatible with syslog-ng as they can receive messages from syslog-ng using one of the many output possibilities supported by syslog-ng. Here is just a short list of products which were successfully used together with syslog-ng:

  • HP's Arcsight ESM
  • Tibco's LogLogic Security Event Manager
  • Intel's Nitrosecurity Nitroview
  • Prism Microsystems EventTracker
  • Sawmill Log Analyzer
  • Splunk
  • etc.

In the lead since 1998

A good logging infrastructure is a key element in the network security of companies. Development of syslog-ng had started when no tool existed that could satisfy the requirements of organizations maintaining large IT networks. syslog-ng (ng: New Generation) is an alternative for syslogd - the default system logger component of Unix systems - and has solved the problems of tens of thousands of organizations, ranging from industrial companies to governmental institutes. syslog-ng has been the most widespread alternative system logging application of the Unix/Linux world for the last ten years.

Projects using syslog-ng

Linux distributions, BSD

There are many different Linux distributions and BSD systems out there. Most of them have syslog-ng, either as default or as an available package.

…as default

…available as a package


BSD uses a ports system to install 3rd party software. Syslog-ng is available for the three "big" BSD variants.

NAS, appliances and devices

The list of installed software is often not disclosed for these types of devices, but forum and support requests often reveal, that syslog-ng is running on the device. It's not always straightforward, if it is there by default or as a user installed extension.

Software projects

Many software projects use syslog-ng as part of their software suits, sometimes deeply embedded in their systems. As with devices, often forums and support requests reveal, that syslog-ng is involved.