Reliable log management

The syslog-ng Open Source Edition™ is a highly portable log management solution to create collect, filter, classify, store and forward log messages.

syslog-ng OSE, open source syslog server

The syslog-ng project is a continuous community effort to create the best log management tool. The project is an advocate and early adopter of open standards, including the syslog RFCs developed by the IETF or the Common Event Expression (CEE) message-description standard of the MITRE Corporation.

The syslog-ng application supports reliable and encrypted transport using TCP and TLS, and offers powerful message filtering, sorting, pre-processing and log normalization capabilities. Utilizing message parsing and classification, syslog-ng is able to correlate log messages both real-time and offline, making it especially useful for system administrators and security managers needing to quickly access important events in the massive amounts of log data generated by complex IT environments.. This high-performance tool handles extreme loads easily, and is extensible with various plug-ins to best suit your requirements.

What is syslog-ng?

Main features:

  • High performance
  • Trusted transfer
  • Increased reliability
  • Big user community
  • Message filtering and sorting
  • Event tagging and correlation
  • Support for the latest IETF standards
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