Product support

BalaBit offers strong product support to its customers via its reseller partners (second-line support), but also directly if needed.

Naturally, we support the needs of those customers who prefer to manage their own systems themselves. To them, we recommend our training programs and the extensive product documentations.

syslog-ng Premium Edition Support Service Levels

Option BaseSU ExtendedSU PrivilegeSU
Support availability (BOSS/Phone) 5x8 (Mon-Fri, 9-17 CET) 5x12 (Mon-Fri, 8-20 CET) 7x24 (Mon-Sun, 0-24 CET)
Initial response time* Next business day 4h 2h
Software Subscription yes yes yes
Number of contact persons 2 4 6
Non-charged engineer hours per Month 4 8 12
* The above initial response times apply only in case of Critical (Severity 1) security incidents. More details are available in BalaBit Support General Terms and Conditions.

Description of the different rows:

  • Initial Response Time: the amount of time elapsed between the initial (and any consecutive) contact by the Partner to BalaBit Technical Support and the returned response.
  • Software Subscription: registered access to modifications, corrections, and/or updates to Software; including updates, security updates, Feature Releases, and/or major upgrades.
  • Contact Persons: Representatives of the Partner who are entitled to request support.
  • Non-charged Engineer Hours: BalaBit records how many engineer-hours were spent to answer the Partner's questions. If the Partner exceeds this amount, BalaBit invoices a fee.

Support of syslog-ng versions

Updates for the different versions of syslog-ng are provided according to the following table. For details about the extent of support, see the following table. To understand what the different versions and releases mean, see the version policy.

Product VersionRelease TypeStateSupported at least until
syslog-ng PE 5 LTSLong Term SupportedSupported2016. Oct. 31, Mon
syslog-ng PE 5 F2FeatureSupported2015. Apr. 30, Thu
syslog-ng PE 5 F1FeatureSupported2014. Dec. 31, Wed
syslog-ng PE 4 LTSLong Term SupportedSupported2014. Oct. 31, Fri
syslog-ng PE 4 F2FeatureNot supported2013. Dec. 14, Sat
syslog-ng PE 4 F1FeatureNot supported2012. Apr. 30, Mon
syslog-ng PE 3.0Long Term SupportedNot supported2012. Jan. 31, Tue
Agent for Windows 5 LTSLong Term SupportedSupported2016. Oct. 31, Mon
Agent for Windows 4 LTSLong Term SupportedNot supported2014. Apr. 30, Wed

Current featureThis is the current feature release, fixes and updates are released periodically. This release becomes obsolete as soon as a newer feature or LTS version is released.
Current LTSThis is the current Long Term Supported (LTS) release, fixes and updates are released periodically for this version. These updates do not contain new features or functionality.
MaintanedFixes and updates for this version of the product are released only for security purposes, or upon customer request. Upgrading to a newer version is recommended.
Not supportedThis version of the product is not supported in any way. Upgrading to a newer version is strongly recommended
SupportedFixes and updates are periodically released for this version, without customer request. These updates do not contain new features or functionality. Upgrading to a newer version is recommended.

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