The Foundation of Log Management

syslog-ng is the trusted log management infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Organizations use syslog-ng to reliably and securely collect, process and store log messages from across their IT environments.

  • Open Source Edition

    The reliable syslog solution

    • Reliable message transfer
    • Content-based filtering
    • Message parsing and rewriting
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  • Premium Edition

    Trusted multiplatform log management infrastructure

    • Zero message loss transfer
    • Encrypted storage
    • Widest range of platform support
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  • Store Box

    Trusted log server appliance

    • Turnkey appliance
    • Web-based management interface
    • Customizable reports
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"syslog-ng has a solid reputation with their open source product. Our experience with this open source version was outstanding and the premium version gave us the functionality we needed." - Øyvind Gielink, IT security Officer, Telenor Group